Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hooray! It's 100th day!

Today was our 100th day of school, and we partied hard all day long! :)
The kids loved the decoration in our room and could not wait to walk in and out of the door all day!

We began by making our 100th day of school hats!

Of course, we HAD to do a silly face!
And a crazy face!

 Next, it was time to introduce our random activities for the day! I wasn't able to get balloons for today, so I improvised and taped them around truffula trees I had previously made and tossed in a cup. The kids were able to pick a truffula tree and we did the actions on the paper.

 Their favorites, by far, were making the number 100 with our bodies...

And doing 100 jumping jacks!
Next, we read the story "Happy 100th Day!" and made 100th day bracelets!
Next, we made a chart of 100 things we would and would not want. I forgot to take pictures of their writing, but some of the highlights included wanting 100 lights and not wanting 100 mud puddles! The things they come up with are hilarious!
In the afternoon, all of kindergarten rotated classrooms and completed a different activity. In my room, all 4 K classes painted 100 dots using Q-tips and made a bulletin board of 100 reasons why we love our school and our classroom.

My sweet team members took picture of my kiddos in their rooms! In this room, they were finding the secret number 100 by coloring numbers on their 100th day chart!

Here, they worked as a group to stack 100 cups!
Although I forgot to take pictures of the writing, the best quote of the day came when we were writing and drawing about what we would look like when we are 100. After modeling their expectations on the board, one student asked me what I had drawn all over my face. I replied wrinkles and explained what they were. Another little love shouts out, "I want sprinkles on my face!" Hahaha!
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