Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hooray! It's 100th day!

Today was our 100th day of school, and we partied hard all day long! :)
The kids loved the decoration in our room and could not wait to walk in and out of the door all day!

We began by making our 100th day of school hats!

Of course, we HAD to do a silly face!
And a crazy face!

 Next, it was time to introduce our random activities for the day! I wasn't able to get balloons for today, so I improvised and taped them around truffula trees I had previously made and tossed in a cup. The kids were able to pick a truffula tree and we did the actions on the paper.

 Their favorites, by far, were making the number 100 with our bodies...

And doing 100 jumping jacks!
Next, we read the story "Happy 100th Day!" and made 100th day bracelets!
Next, we made a chart of 100 things we would and would not want. I forgot to take pictures of their writing, but some of the highlights included wanting 100 lights and not wanting 100 mud puddles! The things they come up with are hilarious!
In the afternoon, all of kindergarten rotated classrooms and completed a different activity. In my room, all 4 K classes painted 100 dots using Q-tips and made a bulletin board of 100 reasons why we love our school and our classroom.

My sweet team members took picture of my kiddos in their rooms! In this room, they were finding the secret number 100 by coloring numbers on their 100th day chart!

Here, they worked as a group to stack 100 cups!
Although I forgot to take pictures of the writing, the best quote of the day came when we were writing and drawing about what we would look like when we are 100. After modeling their expectations on the board, one student asked me what I had drawn all over my face. I replied wrinkles and explained what they were. Another little love shouts out, "I want sprinkles on my face!" Hahaha!
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Today we continued assessments, as we will all week this week and most likely part of next week as well. I wanted to re-share my home connections bracelets with you and show you how I use them in my classroom! These are very simple and speedy ways to communicate with parents, and the kids love them! 
While assessing, I have a stack of the bracelets sitting on my desk ready to go! Once finished with the assessment, I simply write their score and staple around their wrist!
 The kids LOVE them and get excited about their improving scores! This FREEBIE does include bracelets for other parent reminders. If you have an idea for another bracelet that is not included in the pack already, leave me a comment and I'll add your idea!

Day 2 of our eggs-periment took place today! We placed one egg in water, on in soda pop, and one in vinegar. Now, we wait!

The kids wrote in their Science journal and drew how we conducted the experiment.

Today is our 100th day of school, and the kids are SO excited! Check back tonight to see our 100th day celebration!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Shape Exploration and a Little Science Experiment!

I hope your week is off to a great start! We are assessing like crazy this week, so it's that challenging time of trying to keep the kiddos engaged as much as possible without them (and us!) getting bogged down with assessments. Here's what we've been up to...

We've been writing personal narratives about a time when we were injured! I didn't snap pictures yet, but you can click below for the unit!

We also measured ourselves next to our friends and wrote about who was taller or shorter. Due to the odd number of students in my class, I was one little Who's partner. Check out her picture! She even drew Jace! :)

We are also working very hard on our 2D shapes. We went on a shape hunt in the classroom!

Can you fill a circle using squares? How about using other shapes?

 They loved this exploration time!

Of course we have been working on our sight words and rockin' our sight word hats! (click below to go to the resource!)
 We also introduced our new -in Word Family this week! On Monday, we talked about -in word family words, found them in our emergent reader, and today the students completed an independent sort!

After reading about and discussing our teeth so far this week, we began a little science experiment today! We talked about how an egg relates to our teeth. We also talked about being scientists and making a hypothesis, or prediction, about what will happen when we place an egg in water, soda, and vinegar overnight.
 Needless to say, their predictions ranged from right on to a little imaginative :)
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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Peek at my Week and ANOTHER freebie!

I hope you didn't miss my post from earlier! If you did, click here for some awesome 100th Day freebies!

It's a linky party again! Click the picture below to see other visual lesson plans!
My lesson plans are below, as always- just click to download from my Google Docs!

Click here for a freebie to correlate with Moose's Loose Tooth!
Have a wonderful week :)

100th day FREEBIES!

If you're my Facebook friend, you know yesterday we celebrated my cousin's soon-to-be little man!!
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 I'm still finalizing making a few Dental Health freebies for my lesson plans this week, so I'll post those later. But, I wanted to share with you the 100th Day freebies pack I just posted! This is packed FULL of resources we will be using on Thursday! When is/was your 100th day?!
While you're there, check out a few other "newbies"!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Craft Management, Reading Windows and a MAKEOVER!!

So.... do you LOVE it?!?! I am in LOVE with my new blog design!! I am so impressed with the quick turn around, professionalism, and the creativeness of Megan at A Bird in Hand Designs. Thank you so much, Megan!!

Yesterday, I shared with you our plans for creating this adorable Abraham Lincoln writing craft! I thought I'd share with you how I manage to complete these large projects with all 29 of my kids at the same time with no outside assistance. First, I do not have my K kids trace the parts or cut them out when there are multiple pieces. To be honest, I have too many students in my class to have time for that- it would take us an entire day for just one project! I just trace and cut out the parts beforehand and have them ready to go. I lay each part on my desk in the order they will need to assemble their craft. I put a post-it note above each piece.
 One table at a time, they can gather their materials and get started at their own pace. On the board, I have the craft assembled in steps with the post-it notes on each piece to identify how to assemble the craft. I do not have to worry about giving a detailed explanation of how to assemble the craft, and lets face it- half the time we repeat ourselves 100 times anyway ;) So, I opt to save my breath and give the visual cues they can rely on and really need for help! This makes the project completely student led, and I rarely ever have to answer a question on how to assemble the craft at all.

While the students are working at their own pace to assemble, I can pull students over to work on the writing piece. If a student is an "early finisher", they simply check in for a Daily 5 choice until everyone is finished. In managing craft projects this way, it takes a little prep time- but is such a valuable time and stress saver during class! How do you manage a large craft project in your class? I'd love to hear your tips and tricks!

Do you use reading windows? I'd love to share with you a simple, quick, and super-cheap way to create windows at just the size you need!
 Step 1: Fold an index card in half.
 Step 2: Cut slits in the card a different lengths. You can customize these to the text you are using by laying the card on top of a page in a book. This eliminates having to buy different size windows or a window not being the right size for a word or phrase.
 Step 3: Use a highlighter to accent the windows.
Step 4: Use the window to highlight words, phrases, or even whole sentences! I used these with one of my tutoring kiddos after school yesterday and it was so helpful to isolate a word, then escalate to a phrase, and then compile the whole sentence- all with one little index card! :)