Saturday, June 28, 2014

Funny Kid Friday P-U!
I'm linking up with Kathleen for Funny Kid Friday.. on Saturday!
 Oops! :)
If you stopped by earlier, you know it's been a very exciting week!
In the midst of Vacation Bible School at church and officially being hired at my new school (EEEEKK!!!!) during this week's board meeting, we had to get a few groceries.
By a "few" I mean basically everything.
In the two weeks I've been on summer vacation, grocery shopping has not made it to the top of the "to-do" list!
While we were perusing the aisles, this little guy covers his nose with his shirt and says, "P-U!"
I guess you know it's bad when you go #2 and cover your OWN nose.
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The story of a Comet
This week's Five for Friday is going to be quite different!
If you're my Facebook Friend, then you know I have a surprise/secret being revealed today.
HUGE news!!
So... let's get STARTED!
I'll start out with a little about me, for all of my new and most recent followers.
Originally, I am from a teeny tiny town in northern Ohio where most of my family still resides.
After earning my degrees in 2010 and job hunting like crazy; I moved to Columbus to take a teaching position at a charter school. (about 2 hours from "home")
For the past 4 years, I have taught Kindergarten in 2 different charter schools with 5 different principals, 5 different classrooms, and 5 different K teams.
It's been a whirlwind- but I have loved teaching K!  
My mom is my best friend.
She's just my person.
You probably feel the same about your own mom, so you know how I feel!
These words are so very similar to her words of encouragement for me.
And, because my mom is all of those things, too...
She did this..
She took a leap of faith so bold that:
I received a call after tutoring one day from the elementary principal of the school system I grew up in.
She said she was looking at my "fabulous" portfolio!
Definition of: speechless.
After an interview with the 2nd grade team and the principal, 3 days later I was called back to teach a lesson.
2 days later, my phone rang again.
Much like a true comet...
I'm "coming home"!!
Next year I will be teaching 2nd grade!!!!
Definition of: ESTATIC!!
I really can't even begin to tell you what this means for my family.
Yesterday I was able to check out my NEW classroom!!!!
My door looking in where my desk will be. 
Walking in the door- desk ahead and white boards on the right. 
More of my desk area.
Looking from my desk down the adjoining wall.
LOOK!! I have windows!!
My first room with windows!!!!
View from the windows towards the front corner.
View from the windows to the door.
(disregard the shapes on the floor- you can see the babies were playing!)
The wall to the left of the door! 
That's a tour!!
I'm so excited to get into my room and start getting set up for next year.
I'd LOVE to hear any suggestions you have for me! :)



Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday Made it- with a FREEBIE!
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Buckle in and prepare yourself; I've been busy this week!
I do have a freebie at the end for you! :)
Last year was the first year I implemented a "homework club".
The kids LOVED it.
Basically, whoever turns in their homework for the entire quarter earns an incentive.
I do not give monetary incentives, but they get to choose from a variety of options!
A few examples are lunch with a friend, 20 warm fuzzies, 1 homework pass, etc.
This year with my change in theme, I found this plate on clearance at Michael's for $1.50 and knew right away what I'd use it for.
The stickers were a clearance find ($1.19) at Jo Anns and the ribbon I hot-glued onto the back for easy hanging.
I'll use a dry erase marker to write the numbers on the plate and erase as needed.
New classroom wreath! This whole project cost me about $8-9 total (with coupons and my teacher discount).
I wrapped a Styrofoam wreath with clearance yarn and hot glued it to secure.
The letter "B" I painted with gray paint and then used green glitter paint for the polka dots.
The little paper flower came in a whole pack for $1 from Michaels and I painted the center and the edges with green glitter paint.
I tied a green and silver glitter ribbon in a loop to hang.
Sometimes I look at this and feel its finished. Other times I feel its lacking something.
I'm thinking of adding a small banner slanting from the top left to the right with my grade level.
I can't decide! What do you think?

This vase of flowers was also COMPLETELY on clearance at Michaels!
I'm totally lovin' all my clearance finds- it helps justify the cost of switching my theme ;) haha!
Flowers-$1.50-2 each
Gray polka-dot glitter tape- $2
I think it's simplicity will add a little brightness to my desk area!

READ letters for my library.
I've been wanting to make these for years and I finally did!
It's hard to see in the pictures, but the gray areas have blue glitter chevron painted on.
I'm not CRAZY about the ribbon being different heights on the letters, but I love them anyway!

Fabric banners!
Previously, I had handmade Dr. Seuss fabric banners.
Of course, I had to make new ones!
I can't get into my classroom to measure right now, so I left a little extra space between each piece so I can adjust as needed once it's in my room.
I'm so into my new color scheme I can't even stand it!

Warm Fuzzy Jar.
This was my old Warm Fuzzy Jar.
(not sure what warm fuzzies are? Click here and here for more information)
Here is my new warm fuzzy jar!
(minus the new label- my printer ran out of ink!)
This is a silver and clear container from Jo Anns with scrapbook paper lining the inside.

 Writing center supplies.
Giving the kids fun supplies to write with adds to the appeal of keeping stamina and working on their writing!
My container from last year was similar, but much bigger. I wanted something a little smaller for this year, so I found this on clearance at Michaels for $4!
Added a little ribbon and the label (soon to be printed, darn printer ink!) and presto!
The ribbon at the bottom didn't photograph well with the glitter. It's lime green layered with a polka-dot gray glitter tape on top. (same as on my READ letters and flower vase)

The front three spots will hold pens, markers, colored pencils, etc.
The back will hold reference charts and a stapler.
Daily 5 signs.
Previously, I had clear $1 plastic picture frames that held my Daily 5 signs with Standards.
I found these shadow box type wooden signs at Michaels for $2.
I painted them blue and will add the signs below.
This is what they'll look like when the sign is printed.
I'm going to use Modge Podge to attach the sign to display in my room.

A HUGE part of the Daily 5 is setting the purpose and building stamina.
Here is a FREEBIE for you!
Just click below to grab the freebie- don't forget to leave feedback please!
I included a Read to Someone and a Read to Friend option :)

Finally! :)
If you're my facebook fan, you already know I gave a set of these away already!
I created Alphabet posters to coordinate with my color theme this year!
These come in 1/2 page and a whole page size, as well as a full page color and black and white alphabet chart.
Just click the picture to see more.
Thanks for stopping by! 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Workin' on It Wednesday! With a FREEBIE :)
TWO linky parties again?!
I know, I told you I was a party animal.
Must be a summer thing.
I LOVE that Kim posted about Open House in her blog linky today.
She has some really great ideas for open house, so make sure you click the linky picture above to check out more Workin' It Wednesday posts !
I also LOVE that Corinna posted about clean eating, because it's on my list (along with potty training my almost 2 year old) to start next week. She has some great websites to check out. Make sure you head over to her linky as well!

Here's what I've been workin' on...
My Teacher Planner for next year is finally finished!
As usual, I ended up adding 29 more things to the pack I hadn't planned on originally.
With this planner, I actually ended up making the entire 145 page pack available as black and white/gray and white to be more ink friendly.
THEN I decided some of you might want some of the pages editable, so I did that too!
I ended up putting all 3 into a zip file and put this bad boy on sale!
 I've added a little preview, but this does not include everything in the Teacher Planner.
Here's a sample of what the "printer friendly" version looks like.
As you can see, it takes on a whole new look!
So... that brings me to a little FREEBIE!
Click below to grab a sample of my Teacher Planner.
How do I use this sheet, you ask?
During open house (or the first week of school when I send the welcome packet home with students who were unable to come to open house) I have parents fill out this sheet.
Then I take this sheet and use it in my Parent Communication Log.
I use a 1 inch binder and alphabetical dividers to stay organized.
I place these sheets along with copies of my communication log in the binder.
Just click below for your freebie, and don't forget to leave feedback, please!