Monday, June 9, 2014

Sunday Smorgasbord: June 8th!
 I'm linking up with Michelle for a Smorgasbord of fun!
The last week of school was a BLUR.
I think this is one of the MAYBE 5 pictures I took all week!!
I completely jumped ship on taking pictures that week and I didn't even realize it!
These two were our final PRIDE students from my classroom.
Our last day with the kids was Wednesday, but my last day was Friday.
It was so bittersweet to leave on Friday!
Everything is out of my classroom and in my basement!
 This was the view as I left my room.
The last two days have been spent soaking up time with my hubby and our little man doing absolutely nothing!
We did go to lunch with a friend and a celebratory dinner, but that was about all! :)
Jace loves Boo Boo!

 That's it for me, because.....

Totally random.
No work involved!
I promise, the next post I'll have put some work in :)

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