Saturday, June 28, 2014

The story of a Comet
This week's Five for Friday is going to be quite different!
If you're my Facebook Friend, then you know I have a surprise/secret being revealed today.
HUGE news!!
So... let's get STARTED!
I'll start out with a little about me, for all of my new and most recent followers.
Originally, I am from a teeny tiny town in northern Ohio where most of my family still resides.
After earning my degrees in 2010 and job hunting like crazy; I moved to Columbus to take a teaching position at a charter school. (about 2 hours from "home")
For the past 4 years, I have taught Kindergarten in 2 different charter schools with 5 different principals, 5 different classrooms, and 5 different K teams.
It's been a whirlwind- but I have loved teaching K!  
My mom is my best friend.
She's just my person.
You probably feel the same about your own mom, so you know how I feel!
These words are so very similar to her words of encouragement for me.
And, because my mom is all of those things, too...
She did this..
She took a leap of faith so bold that:
I received a call after tutoring one day from the elementary principal of the school system I grew up in.
She said she was looking at my "fabulous" portfolio!
Definition of: speechless.
After an interview with the 2nd grade team and the principal, 3 days later I was called back to teach a lesson.
2 days later, my phone rang again.
Much like a true comet...
I'm "coming home"!!
Next year I will be teaching 2nd grade!!!!
Definition of: ESTATIC!!
I really can't even begin to tell you what this means for my family.
Yesterday I was able to check out my NEW classroom!!!!
My door looking in where my desk will be. 
Walking in the door- desk ahead and white boards on the right. 
More of my desk area.
Looking from my desk down the adjoining wall.
LOOK!! I have windows!!
My first room with windows!!!!
View from the windows towards the front corner.
View from the windows to the door.
(disregard the shapes on the floor- you can see the babies were playing!)
The wall to the left of the door! 
That's a tour!!
I'm so excited to get into my room and start getting set up for next year.
I'd LOVE to hear any suggestions you have for me! :)




  1. Congratulations! Very exciting news! I really don't have any suggestions for your room. I have been teaching 9 years and set up my class different each time. Drives my husband nuts! In fact, last year he measured everything and used a computer program to make sure my scheme would fit before I took him in and made him move everything! : )
    You are so great with your projects, I can't wait to see what it looks like!

    1. Thank you so much; we are thrilled to have this opportunity! This will be year five, classroom #6 and it's been different each year for me, too. I'm going to have to start scouring pinterest for 2nd grade inspiration as I've only taught K! The computer program sounds like a brilliant idea! :
      Thanks for stopping by!