Monday, June 16, 2014

Sunday Smorgasbord June 15th!

This is a TRUE Sunday Smorgasbord!
Only, it's on Monday.
But, it IS a little of this with a whole BUNCH of random!
Speaking of random...
Apparently I was alive in 1969.
And so was the internet.
And TpT.
True story.
It has to be.
I read it on the internet!
Just check out my reply to the sweet feedback I received for proof!
And on with a little dash of this....
I decided on a new theme for next year.
Blue, Lime Green, and Charcoal/Gray.
I'm throwing in polka-dots, stripes, and chevron, too.
Here's a sneak peek at my teacher planner I'm hoping to have posted later today with my Monday made-it. :)

 Here was my inspiration for my new theme!
I've been perusing the dollar stores and local craft stores this week and have to share a few items I can't wait to get started with for next year.
 Crafty touches are coming to these items and I'll share when they're finished.
These turn in trays were found at the Dollar Tree.
I LOVE how big they are!
If you've been following me, you know I have had a Dr. Seuss theme for 4 years.
You've also seen where I had student work displayed in the hallway with glitter clips and glitter paper as a background.
I have the blue paper left from last year that will work with my new theme, but I just got this green glitter paper 5/ $1 at Jo Ann Fabrics (PLUS my 15% teacher discount! SCORE!)
I also got the lime green table cloth for 50% off!
The photos for both of these turned out terrible- sorry!
These little boxes and bowls I also found at the Dollar Tree.
I'm planning on using the boxes for task cards and to store my alphabetical sight word magnets and such.
The little bowls will be perfect for manipulatives and other table supplies as we need them.
I'm planning on using these as supply buckets for my tables and my guided reading area.
I'm hoping to hit another Dollar Tree today to find blue cups or more green cups.
These are thin at the bottom and fit perfectly inside the buckets.
I previously had a bright red shaggy rug in my library.
Well, that won't work anymore with my new theme.
so... I found these!
I'm SO excited about these placemats!
They are a thick foam material (I know, I'm super fancy with my description, Haha!)
They should be less worrisome with sanitary issues and easy to clean as well.
They were a steal at Deals for 4/ $5
Next I found some bright green shelf liner and sparkly pencils I'll use for birthdays.
I'll have a little freebie with my Monday Made it post later today with these pencils!
Another dash of random! 
So, I didn't notice until I took the picture, but..
these are most definitely NOT crayons!
These glass jars will be at my desk holding my birthday pencils and other supplies.
I'm hoping to find plastic ones while I'm out today for pencil buckets for the kids.

Anddd... a little dash of summer FUN!
I LOVE Pinterest for so many reasons.. and this is one!
I've never heard of Cloud Dough before stumbling across a pin, but I'm so thankful I did.
The recipe consists of 8 parts flour and 1 part oil (I used vegetable oil because we ran out of olive oil, but the website said any oil would do).

 Super easy, completely safe, lasts forever, and so much FUN!
I put ours in a plastic tub so we can keep it for awhile.
Yesterday we went to a cookout in the afternoon at my brother and sister-in-laws for Father's Day.
It was a blast and we had so much fun!
Here are a few snapshots..
My little boogie playing with two of my adorable nieces and nephews!
 Sprinkler fun!
 This is how our summer mornings have been going..
Bed head. :)
My handsome hubby and our little guy!
Putt-putt golfing!
 More summer random fun!