Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wednesday Wrap-up!

Today we wrapped up our Gingerbread study with the Gingerbread Friends. The end of this story is so adorable, and they kids love the pop-up foldable on the last page! We just took a minute and admired the beautiful illustrations and details. After reading the story, we listed the adjectives that the Gingerbread Baby used to describe himself. We also used this Story Elements organizer to write about our reading.
To practice our an Word Family today, we completed this Read, Glue, and Write practice page.
To practice our sight words and spelling words, we play a game each day. By far, the most popular game is the "Visualization game". This was an activity that I learned from my amazing mentor teacher during grad school a few years ago, and by "few", I guess I mean 4 years ago- yikes! Has it really been that long?!
 With this game, I write words on the board. As a group, we read and spell each word. Next, the kids "take a picture" (shown below) of the words. I say, "Heads down, eyes closed!" and erase one word. When I say, "Heads up!" they raise their hands. I select one student to tell me which word I erased (1 point) and how to spell the word (1 point). They are able to earn 2 points for each word. Peeking always earns me a point, and I can also earn points when the word they say is incorrect. We continue until all of the words are gone. For a little added fun, when I erase the last word, I always write a review word on the board and they have to tell me which word I wrote as well. They love taking a picture!
Our Math lesson today was an introduction to 3D shapes and the vocabulary associated with those shapes. (Unit to post soon!)
 Each day for Math, we have a journal prompt that we complete. We glue each prompt into our Math journals (These are a composition notebook that my husband cut in half with a saw this past summer).
Todays prompt read, "I can make an ABBC pattern with small, medium, and large flags. The prompts can be found here.

For our poem, we finished with our Emergent Reader. After reading the poem as a whole group and using highlighter tape to find sight words, we used a highlighter to find the sight words in our Emergent Reader independently. They just love being able to take the poem home with them each week! These can be found here.

I had to share this picture from my tutoring session after school. (I tutor a 2nd grader a few days a week). He felt so much accomplishment and did such a phenomenal job with his fluency phrases and "chunking" the "ou" word part in the words. This is seriously a huge accomplishment for him!
I'm so excited for our Valentine's Day fun the next two days!! Do you have a celebration? Are you able to have snacks for your celebration?

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