Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Peek at our Presidential Week! (with FREEBIES!)
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After the holiday on Monday and teacher professional development yesterday, today is our first day back this week! Today should be an interesting and fun new experience for our kids. We are having the Dome Theatre first thing this morning! Click below to grab my Lesson Plans from Google Docs.

 Each day this week, I'll be posting a few FREEBIES that we will be using for our Presidential Studies. Today, we are reading "So You Want to Be President?" by Judith St. George and David Small. Just click any of the picture below to grab these FREEBIES!

After our Dome Theatre experience, we will introduce our new sight words, our review spelling words, practice building sentences, and begin our KWL chart on Presidents Day.

Next, we will read "So You Want to Be President?" and chart the "good" and "bad" things about being President as described in the text.
We will introduce our -en Word Family using my pack here.

And, we are of course going to try out our new SIGHT WORD HATS!! I'm so excited to see how the kids react to these, they LOVE making hats!!

For Math today, we are going to continue our measurement studies with measuring ourselves against Abraham Lincoln. This fun activity was inspired by A Day in First Grade! After measuring ourselves, we are going to draw and write about how we are shorter than Abraham Lincoln. Students will each receive a small strip and write "shorter" on the line and glue their strip to a piece of construction paper, where they will draw themselves next to Abe!

Have a great day friends!

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