Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday Madness!

Today was a great day! Who wouldn't love their morning to be started with a teammate giving them a 36 pack of their favorite guilty pleasure?! Dr. Pepper is my weakness!
On that note... who wouldn't love looking over and seeing THIS?!
Tracking each word, whisper reading with a microphone AND crazy glasses? Who said reading isn't fun?!
Here is one of my little Who's working hard during work with words! She's searching for sight words on the page and coloring by the code!

We started our Gingerbread Man studies and the kids are in LOVE with this story! This unit ties perfectly into our studies of the -an word family and the -sh "Hunk and Chunk!" I have no idea what happened, it could have something to do with my dinosaur phone, but the pictures I took of our charts are not able to be located... so more on those tomorrow! I do have a few pictures from our fun Math lesson/craft today!

To get organized, I place all of the materials students will need in a baggie with their skill group's color post-it.

Next, we set our expectations and read our story problems! We determine what the equation will be prior to students going to their seats to work. Once we know what the number sentences should look like, students are dismissed to work in their groups.
 Once everyone in their group has completed the challenge, students put their heads down. Once all groups have finished, we check our answers. The whole group comes up to the front and reads their number sentences, their answer, and explains how they solved the problem.

They were so proud!

Tomorrow we are continuing with a super-fun The Gingerbread Girl Story Elements craft! Check out all of the products listed here at:

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