Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A little Presidential SIZZLE!

We had a jam-packed, fun, engaging, SIZZLE-infused day in our little Whoville! Our day began with an adventure into the Dome Theatre! Before taking my kiddos down, we talked about what in the world a dome theatre was! Their responses were HILARIOUS, but we ended up breaking apart the words and making a hypothesis about what we would be doing.
When we walked into the gym it was a little different than I had anticipated. Granted, I had a 5 year old version of a Big-Top circus tent dome magically happening in our little gym, but it was still a pretty cool experience!
This was the entrance to the dome!

Once inside the theatre the kids squished together in the pitch black. When the movie about the Solar System began, it was all over! There was no way we were going to keep the 57 little humans quiet in the theatre. It was a unique experience that our kids would most likely never have outside of school.

Next, we made our new SIGHT WORD HATS! The kids were in love, and I was so happy!
 We moved on to introduce all of our new sight words, chant our spelling words, and begin our KWL chart on Presidents Day. Some of my little Who's were completely out of the loop on Presidents Day. They were getting confused thinking it was "Presents Day". Too funny! My favorite quote of the day came from one of our questions about what we would like to learn about Presidents Day. It was, "Is the president 'The Obama'?"

Next, we read the book, "So You Want to be President" and made a chart of the "good" and "bad" parts of being President. I forgot to take a picture of our chart, but the kids were definitely amazed that the president has a bowling alley INSIDE the White House. We introduced our new -en Word Family and the kiddos completed a picture sort.

For Math today, our inspiration came from A Day in First Grade. I measure 6 feet 4 inches on butcher paper and drew Abraham Lincoln the best I could! Next, we all sat in the hallway and measured ourselves next to Honest Abe! The kids were beyond excited to be in the hallway and comparing the height of our classmates and Abraham Lincoln.
 Afterwards, we wrote about our Math thinking and drew a picture of ourselves with Abe. Some of their drawings were so detailed!
After our Math journals and centers, we introduced our poem this week and glued it into our poetry notebook, circling all of our sight words we have learned.
Lastly, we wrote about the president's job during Writer's Workshop. Their ideas and phonetic spelling were wonderful!
 "I think the president talks to people."
 "I think the president plays."
"I think the president protects our country."
Tomorrow we are studying all about Abraham Lincoln and completing an adorable craftivity found  here!
We are also using some of my freebies found here to list facts we learned about Abraham Lincoln to use in our writing craftivity and to measure ourselves next to a friend!
Stay tuned... I have an exciting new reveal happening later this week!!!!

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