Friday, February 7, 2014

Two day week, I'll take it!

Due to the massive amounts of snow (for central Ohio) and -23 temps (with the wind chill), we only had a 2 day week this week. The last few days have been spent at home crafting away with my little love :) I'll share what we've been up to! You'll have to excuse the terrible lighting... my phone is a dinosaur and some of the pictures would not turn out well with the flash. :)

We made a Valentine's Day wreath!

We made picture frames!

We made banners!

We made signs and glittery letters! Beside the letters you can see the little owl clips we made also!

More banners!

A cute little jar of hearts! On the right picture you can see the little love monsters we made :)

Another sign with all of our thumbprints!

More signs!
We made a few more things... but some are for my niece's 2nd birthday this weekend, so I'll have to share later!
I have been busy creating teaching resources, too! Check out this new listing here.
Check back this weekend for a few more creations and a Valentine's Day freebie!

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