Sunday, February 9, 2014

Winter Centers and a FREEBIE!

As promised, there WILL be a freebie included in today's post!

I was finally able to upload my Winter centers pack! This is a MEGA pack of 13 ELA and 14 Math Centers, that's 27 centers total! Check out what's included below.. you may have been seeing my kiddos working with these in some of my blog posts already.
Here's a small look at what's included in the ELA portion- there's more included in the pack!

 Math, but again, there's more included in the pack!
Just click on any picture above to take you to a detailed explanation of what's included! :)
And... a freebie!
Do you have a Valentine's Day celebration in your classroom? This scrapbook will be perfect for you! Just print out enough for each student to have a book with a page for each one of their classmates and have students glue the valentines they receive onto the page! This is a great management tool to use while students are passing out their Valentine's to each other.
Enjoy!! :)

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