Saturday, February 1, 2014

Saturday Selling the Sizzle Wrap-up!

It's pajama day lazy day Saturday! As you know, we had a 3 day week this week due to inclement weather here in Ohio! Here's how we made learning sizzle this week!

On Monday, we wrapped up our studies on Martin Luther King, Jr.! One of my lovey followers sent me a few pictures of her class making my MLK, Jr. Craftivity, so I thought I would share with you :)

She said one picture included a "boy who never writes hardly anything and he was so in to it!" I love positive feedback and knowing that kids are enjoying learning!

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent staying out of the -30 degree weather with my handsome little man! (photo courtesy of Days Gone by.... Photography by Gretchen!)


On Thursday and Friday we learned all about Groundhog Day! We made a silly hat with a Groundhog and discussed -gr blends, we read many groundhog books and discussed how shadows are made! We packed these last two days full of learning!

We began with our KWL on what we knew about this special day, and they again impressed me with their level of questioning!

We also graphed our predictions about Buckeye Chuck's and Punxsutawney Phil's upcoming outing!

Unfortunately, 21/30 of us predict that the infamous groundhogs will see their shadows on Sunday and predict a longer winter.  

In Math, we worked on our subtraction skills. We had a "group challenge" with a little bit of groundhog fun! I gave each skill group a different subtraction problem. As a group, they had to solve the problem using their groundhog burrows and groundhogs they had previously cut and colored. Each person was given a yellow piece of construction paper to glue their burrow onto. This became their workmat. As a whole group, I read 5 story problems to the class, and we came up with the number sentences for each problem without solving the problem. This was to ensure I knew each group started with the correct problem before sending them off to solve the problem.

We completed a sample together. Six groundhogs went into the burrow. Four groundhogs left to find food. How many groundhogs were left in the burrow?

Next, I gave their expectations:
 1. Each group had to follow our CHAMPS, including being at a conversation level 1 (whisper).
2. Each member of the group had to have the same number sentence and the same number of groundhogs glued onto their burrow.
3. When the whole group felt they were finished, they had to all put their heads down.

They worked so quietly and did a wonderful job following directions and working together! This was the first group finished! Once each group had finished, each group had to come up and explain how they solved their problem! Groups were rewarded in order of the "place" their finished with Warm Fuzzies!


The kids LOVED this challenge and were so engaged! If you would like to try this, you're in luck! Just click here to grab your free copy!

We also completed a few of our writing prompts in my February Journals pack!

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