Saturday, March 1, 2014

Saturday Selling-the-Sizzle Wrap-up!

This week our "big focus" was Dental Health and the 100th Day of School, of course!

The kids loved listening to the story, I Know Why I Brush my Teeth and completing the 3D tooth brushing sequencing craft below!

We concluded our "eggs-periment" on Friday with the big reveal of the results! Here is a picture of the cups before showing them to the kids!

We took each egg and looked at the cup, the quality of the shell, the color of the shell, and the inside of the eggs. The egg that soaked in water for 2 days was completely normal.

The egg soaked in soda pop represented bacteria on our teeth. It was brown and had interesting lines on the shell. The shell itself was still hard and the inside was normal as well.

The egg soaked in vinegar was a different story! Just by looking in the cup, we could see the shell crusted on the sides of the cup, and the top was full of foam.

 When we took the egg out of the cup, it was almost transparent! It was very pliable and almost felt like snake skin. The inside was slimy! The kids were amazed! One of my little babies even shouted out, "I'm brushing my teeth as SOON as I get home!" :)

We also used shaving cream from the dollar store to practice addition facts, make shapes, write sight words, etc! This is by far their favorite "fun activity" that we do frequently! SIZZLE sold!

Each day, we also practice unscrambling sentences and editing them! Here was our finished product from yesterday!

Next week, we'll be using this new listing for our "Hunk and Chunk" study of the -all word part!

How did you "sell the sizzle" this week?

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