Wednesday, March 12, 2014

That's a fact, Jack!

Happy Wednesday! We have been hard at work in Whoville this week. The kids are lovin' the kick-off of our Fairy Tale studies-that's a fact, Jack! We started our first Fairy Tale with Jack and the Beanstalk! We have read a different version of the story both days, and they are amazed at the differences in the stories! We used this poster to sequence each story. I just glued scrapbook paper onto a poster and laminated it. Then, I use Velcro to attach the pieces so I can reuse this poster over and over again! The kids also did a story map on Monday where they colored the pictures as the story was read. Today, they sequenced the story with a recording sheet similar to the poster below.


For Math Monday, we used beans to measure around the room! On their recording sheet, they found objects in the room that were smaller than, the same as, or longer than their bean.


 For Math today, we completed this writing and Math craftivity. First, we wrote about what we hoped would be at the top of the beanstalk. Next, we colored and cut out our leaves. Finally, we glued the leaves and our writing onto the beanstalk! This activity is easily differentiated- some students sequenced the numbers 1-10, others counted by 10's to 100, while my highest groups counted by 5's to 100 on their beanstalk.
We have also been working on the -ar Hunk and Chunk! On Monday, we introduced the new addition to our Hunks and Chunks dance and created a word list with words ending with -ar.
Yesterday we used the -ar Hunk and Chunk to decode words and read sentences!
I finally remembered to take pictures of their creature writing from last week! They did such a wonderful job with writing about their creatures!

Our Jack and the Beanstalk activities came from my newly renovated unit found here.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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