Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday Madness!

Did someone say a full moon 9 days before Spring Break on a Monday? Oh, yeah! On top of all of that, we (I) changed our schedule around and the kids were STILL rock stars! They were definitely on it today with the funny quotes that can be added to my "teacher book". During our meeting this morning, the Whos were interviewing the new Star Sneetch of the Week. One of them asked him what his favorite type of shoe was. He replied, "Reeboxes"! Loved it! Another funny was during indoor recess when the kids were dancing and singing along to Just Dance for Kids. The lyrics were, "I've got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dacing through the fire, 'Cause I am a champion and you're gonna hear me roar! Louder, louder than a lion.." I'm sure you know by now this is Katy Perry's Roar. My little one roared out, "I've got the eye like my mother, a fighter, dancing on the wire, "cause I am a champion, and you're gonna hear me roar!" Nailed it! :) Lol.

How could our day not be off to a great start with these awesome cookies!? One of my sweet team mates made and brought in these cookies and a WHOLE CASE of Dr. PEPPER!!!!! BOOM BABY!

Anywho... did I tell you I have a student teacher that started today? I think she's going to be great!
We introduced our new Hunk and Chunk for the week- the "or" sound. I was so impressed with the words they generated today!
We also sorted picture cards for our -et Word Family focus this week. I pass out cards to random students who make a line by the chart. The rest of the kids stand up at the carpet. When the student reads the picture (word) aloud, the friends at the carpet jump one time if the word is not in our word family or clap one time if the word is in our word family. Tomorrow we will write the -et words on our chart.

We also began our KWL chart on St. Patrick's Day. They were making great connections between St. Patrick and Martin Luther King, Jr. and Abraham Lincoln!

Our writing project today was talking about and discussing one of our vocabulary words this week, fortune! We wrote about what is more important to us than gold.

The "handles" or rainbows on top of the pot of gold are pipe cleaners we taped to the back and bent over in the shape of a rainbow. These were on sale at Meijer- I knew I would use them somehow this week!

In Math today, we worked on decomposing and composing numbers! Then we applied our knowledge to decompose/compose the number 20 using this adorable rainbow craft!

They worked so hard on these today! :)
Our leprechaun friend posted a sign on our door today saying he was going to be watching us this week! He also left us a little note during our meeting! I have to know, were you visited by a leprechaun today? I heard he was seriously one busy little dude!

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