Thursday, March 27, 2014

Growing Graphemes FREEBIE!

Hello friends!

I'm not gonna lie... today was ROUGH.

We are knee deep in way too many when can I teach again  my brain is fried how in the world are the kids handling this Quarterly Assessments.

AND grade cards.

AND the day before Spring Break.

AND the movie party the kids earned two months ago that they are FINALLY getting their reward for, didn't happen. My school computer wouldn't connect to the projector. I didn't bring my computer from home today. FAIL.

SO this is going to be SUPER short. I have a FREEBIE for you. We are working on and assessing the graphemes for the 5 major vowel sounds.

You can have it.


Just click below.

That is all. :)
Rest assured, I WILL be back tomorrow night (errr, um, maybe Saturday?) to update you with ALL of our Three Little Pigs fun we are having between assessments!


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