Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pot O' Rhymes and our Leprechaun's name REVEALED!

Our leprechaun friend was at it AGAIN last night! He left us a note with a pile of goodies at the carpet apologizing for the leprechaun dust everywhere. He apparently got caught up on something and had a hole in his pocket! He even asked us to be on the lookout for his hat that was lost somewhere!

Our little gift today was a rhyming game! We matched the rhyming words and placed them into the pots. It was so easy to check our work with the little self-checking cards he left us! That leprechaun is so smart!

One of the little Whos found the hat after about an hour into our day. They each got a chance to look at and hold his hat! We saw a sticker on the inside of the hat that read, "Property of MacKenzie O'Shamrock. If found please call immediately!" We immediately realized it was the main character in our book yesterday!
 Today we read the story My Lucky Day and made inferences and predictions. This is such a fun twist in this story to really get their minds thinking!
We also practiced our Word Family by cutting letters and gluing them to make the -et Word Family word from Lavinia. We practiced our sight words using these cut and paste sight word books from Maria!

In Math today, we used pattern blocks and teddy bear counters to practice positional words. Then we took an assessment- wait, what?! That adorable little rainbow coloring sheet is an ASSESSMENT?! Yep- sure is! The students listened and colored according to the directions. Yesterday, we sorted 2D and 3D shapes with partners and completed the cut/paste sort as an assessment.
Our wonderful art teacher has an Artist of the Week each week. This week, it's one of my kiddos!! Yay!! So excited for him! 
Don't forget- tonight's THE night! I'm giving a set of these away for FREE!! Just check out yesterday's post here to win!


I'll be back later with an awesome freebie and a winner! :)

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