Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekend hiatus...

You may have noticed a little weekend hiatus... I'm actually home today snuggling my little man who has not been feeling well this weekend! My "Peek at my Week" post will come later today, as I have to revamp my plans for this week due to having a sub today. I'm excited see how my little Who's do today and how much they love our Fairy Tale this week! We are working on the Three Little Pigs tale. I didn't get a chance before, so I'm going to post the finale of our St. Patrick's shenanigans from Friday last week!


We finished our -or Hunk and Chunk focus with using our beloved BINGO markers to find the Hunk and Chunk in words.

We also concluded our -et Word Family study with this fun Word Work sheet from here. We love these from the Moffatt Girls!

We also read and sequenced the story, There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover! Check out Friday's blog post here for this freebie!
In the afternoon on Friday... I began to sweat a little bit... I the leprechaun planned a treasure hunt. We ended up having to go into a partial lockdown on Friday, and I was a little worried one of the kids would find a leprechaun clue, or that the lockdown would last all afternoon and we wouldn't go on the hunt! (Before I sound insensitive brushing off a lockdown, I have no idea what the lockdown was for, or what caused the partial lockdown. We weren't notified about the cause, so I'm assuming it was something medical related or a parent.) Before I go off on my soapbox....
The lockdown ended.
All was well.
We found a clue.
We hunted!

Tip-toe quietly... we don't want him to know we're coming!!

I loved that on the last clue it brought us to a place of caring and the kids immediately shouted-in-their-loudest-whisper-voices-as-to-not-alarm-the-leprechaun- "Our classroom!"
When we got back to the room it was a semi-free-for-all episode of organized pandemonium... until one little friend said, "Hey! It would be pretty smart if he hid it under Mrs. Biggs' desk!"
Genius, I tell you!
So, we dove under the my desk and there it was!
The squeals!
The shrieking!
The jumping and applauding!
IT'S GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, maybe not. ;)
He did bring us delicious skittles, M&M's, chocolate gold coins, and stickers- all wrapped up in a cute little pot with shamrocks around it!

Best quotes:
"That leprechaun suuuure is nice!"
"Yeah, he knows what he's doin'"
"Wait, so we're really not getting his gold?"
Hahahaha... I wish!

I have a few new listings to add to my phonics packs and Word Family packs! I see a bundle coming soon! :)
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Coming later today....

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