Sunday, March 16, 2014

Peek at my Week- St. Patrick's Day Shenanigans!


It's Lesson Planning Sunday here! Click below to see other visual lesson plans and peek at other great weeks in store!

 Click below to head over to my Google Docs and check out my Lesson Plans for this week! We are all about St. Patrick's Day! I'm ready to sell the sizzle of learning this week with possible leprechaun visits and shenanigans! :)

We are focusing on fantasy/reality and fairy tales vs. fables this week! We will be retelling our little hearts out, along with identifying the story elements in each story. The activities below will also help us be rhyming and segmenting fools this week! :) A KWL chart all about St. Patrick's Day along with a Tree Map all about Leprechauns are going to kick off our week!


To practice our rhyming skills, we are going to be using this rhyming activity that will later be a choice at Work with Words to practice our rhyming skills! I'm going to purchase little black plastic pots from the Dollar Store and the kids will use those to put the rhyming pairs in. (I did include the pot of gold seen in the picture below in case you'd prefer that option!)

Our Word Family Game is one of the updates in my St. Patrick's Day unit! :)

We are also working on comparing numbers this week! We will be using this during our whole group lesson and then it will also be a choice at math centers afterwards. Each of the Whos will have a black and white version of the work mat inside of a sheet protector. As we are working on comparing numbers, they will use a dry erase marker to write the < or > symbol!

Here are a few of the books and resources we are using this week!

Have a wonderful week! T-10 days and counting until SPRING BREAK! :)

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