Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Selling the Sizzle Story Elements Craft- Jack and the Beanstalk style!

One of the things I love to create are crafts that are also Common Core Aligned! I couldn't leave my Jack and the Beanstalk Unit alone with adding this little Story Elements craft! It was a HUGE success today! Although I managed it a little differently than the pictures below, my kids had zero trouble completing this today! They look so cute hanging in the hall!

Honestly, it was SO SIMPLE! I just printed the pages on regular paper (you could use cardstock if you want something a little more sturdy), and copied the sheets. When I pulled the stack off of the copier, I actually went ahead and stapled the pages together before my kiddos even touched them. As a group, I modeled how to cut the sides off of the paper. Next, I modeled how to lift the top sheet only and cut straight up the middle. Once this was complete, they were allowed to color the castle and we wrote the story elements inside of the boxes!

Today for Math we completed our daily math journal prompt and played shape BINGO! (sorry, I forgot to snap pictures!)
Here are a few close-ups of our writing yesterday on our beanstalks!

We are off to get our taxes done... pray for me! ;)

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