Thursday, March 20, 2014

Making a Liquid Rainbow!

 According to the kids, today was.....

"The best day of my life!"

"The coolest thing in the world!"


and they...

"Love coming to school!"

think "Learning is SO MUCH FUN!"

This is it people- selling the SIZZLE of learning! It made my heart happy knowing they love coming to school and LEARNING! Today our little leprechaun friend, Mac, brought us some interesting materials and bracelets! We spent all 45 minutes of breakfast predicting what in the world he was going to have us make with all of that STUFF! We also found a few tracks...

My little friend above was mortified that the leprechaun did not flush the toilet! Her reaction was adorable!! We did feel better when we saw he washed his hands!!
It just so happened our friend Mac left us a gift of bracelets! This was one of my favorite parts of the day!
THEY blew MY mind!!
All week we have been working with our poem, Luck of the Irish! When I bought the bracelets Mr. Mac made the bracelets, I he made NO connection that the saying on the bracelets matched the poem!
Of course, the kids were convinced that he was reading our poem and that's how his hat got stuck yesterday!
I'm telling you... I never even thought of that.
Not a chance.
 I would love to take credit for that happy accident....... but I can't.
It didn't even cross my mind!
Thank GOODNESS for their little minds at work! They made connections ALL OVER the place!

Our friend Mac also left us this awesome Math game lesson!
We compared these pots of gold and practiced writing the correct symbol!

Now, on to the BEST part of the day!!
Sunday I received my beloved Bloglovin' email and read every post in my email.. and was immediately attracted to the BRIGHT light rainbow! I knew right away I wanted to try this with my kids this week!! The beautiful blog post I read was from Jeannie at Kindergarten Lifestyle. You can check out her gorgeous post on the Liquid Rainbow here. She has super helpful tips and tricks and a detailed recipe!
When I read her post, I started thinking about how I would implement this with all 29 of my kiddos. So I decided to whip up this little experiment journal to document our procedures. I thought this would give the kiddos something to keep their hands and minds busy while I was SLOWLY SLOWLY SLOWLY pouring each liquid into the container! Read below to see our step by step creation of a liquid rainbow!

And that's it! Jeannie's directions were so simple and clear- this was very easy to make, and I will definitely be doing this each year! The container I chose to use has a sealed top, so we are going to keep our rainbow in our classroom :) It did present a slight challenge because the top was very narrow, and I was already  sweating shaking carefully pouring in the liquid. Next year, I will definitely opt to get a container with a wider top! Click the picture below if you'd like to snag the journal!

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