Sunday, May 18, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up!

Hello friends!
We have 12 days left!
But who's counting?
I'm not ashamed to admit it!
This week we had SAT10 testing.. and shoo!
We got all of our testing done in the first 3 days, but it was ROUGH.
The rest of the week we finished our Problem Solving Superstars craftivity to finish out the unit!
29 kiddos + 29 different crafts + 17 different problems = TRUE problem solving superstars!!
They ROCKED this!
Each student was able to pick the superstar they wanted.
Each superstar had their own problem to solve.
I was a teensy bit nervous about how we would manage to accomplish this.... but... 
They turned out wonderful and EVERY student was able to solve their problem CORRECTLY and INDEPENDENTLY!
Some of these problems involved 3 digit addition and subtraction!
This week we began our final copy of our Animal Research Reports for all 5 groups!
 I can't wait to finish these next week and get started on practicing for our presentations!
We also took time out this week to prepare for our field trip to the Columbus Zoo next week!
Each student has a cinch bag with their hand print on the bag.
Each hand print was turned into a zebra using color coded stripes!
I have students separated into 5 groups, so each group has their own color.

We also ordered t-shirts for our trip!
Each Kindergarten class tie dyed their shirt a certain color to be easily identified!
The kids had so much fun watching a video to see how to tie dye, and then actually wrapping their shirts themselves!
It worked out perfectly because I have 5 kiddos not attending the trip and 5 chaperones!
The kids who did not have a shirt were excited they could still participate by tie dying the adult shirts!

I blogged yesterday that my Mom and son and me were all going to the Komen Race for the Cure! Here are a few snapshots from our day!

We followed the Race up by attending the annual Arts festival in our local town.

I'll be back soon with a Peek at our Week and a FREEBIE! :)

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