Saturday, May 3, 2014

All About Animals- Weekly Selling the Sizzle Saturday Wrap-up!

Happy Saturday!!
How many days of school do you have left?
We're down to 22 days (with kids).
They KNOW it!
I don't know how, but they already are getting the
 end-of-the-year-what-are-we-doing-we-are-acting-like-fools jitters.
Hopefully the last few days were a fluke that involved a partial lockdown, someone accidentally getting stabbed in the eye with a pencil (OUCH! He's ok, thankfully!), meetings galore, and a tornado drill and will NOT continue next week!
Did I say it was a long week?
Well, it was.
But we still had fun.
We still sold the sizzle of learning!
Here's how:
Friday we had a Mystery Reader in our class!
This the a treasured time and special treat that the kids LOVE!

Here's a peek into some of our Daily 5 and math centers this week!
I just realized I put the same picture in the collage twice.
Don't judge me too hard.
It was a long week, I said. 

We are closing in on our final week of our Problem Solving Superstars Unit, and I know the kids are going to miss this unit.
They truly are Superstars!
(even though I ranted before, they really are!)
MY favorite part of this whole unit has been this week.
They have each worked with a small group and completed a problem independently using on of the strategies.
Their teamwork and ability to problem solve has been astounding.
After each group solves the problem. they present their strategy and answer to the class and we add it to our poster. 

This week we talked all about the 5 vertebrate animal groups. I only took pictures of the first three days, but we had the same routine each day.
We began Monday by sorting vertebrate and invertebrate animals and discussing the difference. 
All week long we added terms to our vocabulary chart as we learned all about the 5 animal groups. 

The kids were so engaged with the animal groups, they were experts by the end of the week.
They are COMPLETELY ready to begin our Research Reports next week! 

I already blogged about our Informational Text notebooks on Wednesday, so I'll share the unit above.
The animal notebook an posters above came from my All About Animals pack! I'm loving all of the photographs in this unit!
It REALLY brings home the informational text and brings the animals to life!
It's also on sale! :)

Tune in tomorrow for a Peek at my Week!

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