Friday, May 9, 2014

Five for Friday!
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First of all, I'm alive.
Second of all,  If you follow me on FB, I haven't been TOTALLY absent this week.
 I did post the winner giveaways as promised on there! (see more below) 
It's ironic I just said this last week, but I'll always be a mommy first.
 If that offends you or you don't want to read about my mommy side, this isn't the blog for you.
I said that in my nicest teacher voice, but seriously.
So anyways, it's ironic because I was absent this week on my blog for this very reason.
I won't go into details because my Momma BEAR will come out, but my son was injured on Monday at the back-up sitter's house.
Yes, in case you're wondering..
I HAVE had to tell myself it's not worth the jail time it won't teach my son a lesson if I use my meanest teacher voice with the lady and possibly a few choice words.
He's still bruised and a little swollen in places, but is ok!
Here he is enjoying his new water table!

Ok, so on to #1 for the week!
This little treat cart visited us each day this week with all sorts of goodies for Teacher Appreciation week! So awesome!!

#2 It's interesting what the kiddos pick up on about you, without you even telling them.
I received this teacher appreciation gift from one of my kiddos.
The card inside read, "He said you like cups, I hope he's right!"
I do, in fact, drink out of reusable cups!
LOVE it!
#3 Glue dots!
I used to be a Velcro addict, but now I'm a glue dot fiend!
These are amazing because you can easily reposition them and they are SUPER sticky!
AND they were on CLEARANCE at Meijer.
#4 New table arrangement.
17 days left and I changed the seating.
Sounds legit. Haha.
Don't ask what possessed me to do this, but it's worked out pretty well this week!

#5 Animal Research Reports!
After many trials this week, TpT and I finally meshed and I got these puppies uploaded!
Click on the picture below to check out this INSANE bundle pack!
When you purchase the bundle, each unit is only $2!!
The bundle set includes the following units (click the link to check out a description and preview!):
Here's a little preview of SOME of what's included!


Congratulations to the following winners from the Rafflecopter giveaway this week:

Amber O.- the ENTIRE BUNDLE of research reports!

Tara Jenson, Melissa Albrecht, Kelly Schultz, Jessica Couvutsakis- all 4 of you won an individual unit! Please let me know which unit you'd like, and I'll email it to you! ...
(Choose between lions, sea turtles, chickens, sharks, or frogs!)

Congratulations ladies, and thanks for playing!!



  1. So sorry your little cutie was injured- he's adorable! How funny that a student told his mom you like cups! I always wonder what kids say about me to their parents! I also love,love,love your blog design. I am going to have to break down soon and have mine done professionally! Thanks for sharing!

    Teachers Are Terrific!

    1. LOVE your STEM bubble blowers and cars this week! Those were adorable, Carol!
      I have always wondered what the kids say... I had another bring in a Mother's Day card with a (somewhat sketchy) seed inside. The card talked about how she said The Lorax was my favorite!
      My blog design was SO EASY! I HIGHLY recommend Megan from a Bird in Hand Designs. Mine only took 3 days because I chose the "Build Your Blog" option.

      Thanks for commenting! :)