Monday, May 26, 2014

Five for Friday/Peek at my Week! With a FREEBIE and WINNERS ANNOUNCED!!
1. Ya'll KNOW it's Monday. It's most definitely NOT Friday. So I have to start with this first, in honor of all of the men and women who have and are currently still serving for our country!

(this was a FB share, I did not create this)

2. Last week I had thought I was just tired from the 12 kinds of crazy that is the end of the year.
Tuesday our little guy had a high fever ALL day and night.
Wednesday the hubs took him to the doctor and found out he had contracted hand/foot/mouth.
If you know anything about H/F/M (which I for one, did not) the incubation period is 3-6 days BEFORE symptoms.
What a sneaky, devilish little virus.
After the hubs took the little man to the doctor Wednesday he said, "You know if anybody gets it from him it'll be you."
Thanks for the vote of confidence, honey.
Of course I was the lucky winner to get a sinus infection AND H/F/M.
Needless to say, we had lots of snuggles and pj's this weekend!
3. On Thursday last week, I hosted a Be the Match donor drive at my school's carnival!
We had 6 staff members and 2 parents join the registry, and I'm so proud and excited to say I was one of those 8 people!!
If you haven't gotten updated information on bone marrow donation, PLEASE do so!
Over 80% of the donors today donate by a procedure similar to giving blood platelets!
It's really that easy to SAVE A LIFE!
I hope I receive a call someday to BE THE MATCH!!!!
4. A little out of order, but my birthday was last week! I got a sweet edible arrangement and 2 balloons from the hubs delivered to school!
I was so very surprised and thrilled he remembered my special day! :)
I received so many lovely cards, notes, hugs, and presents from my kiddos that day as well!
I will definitely share more of those pictures AND pictures from our field trip later in the week when I have more energy back!
5. WINNERS!!!!!!!
The WINNERS from my birthday Rafflecopter are below!!
 Thank you so much for helping me celebrate my birthday!
 I'll send you an email with details!
And finally... a Peek at my Week and a FREEBIE!
As always, click either picture to check out my lesson plans!
With my absence last week, we're finishing our final copies of our Animal Research Reports this week! We're also working on practicing our presentations for out End of the Year Celebration next week!
In addition to our Animal Research Reports, we're going to be closing out our year with some fun crafts! A few of the crafts we're doing this week involve paper plates and can be found here, or by clicking the pictures below.
I created a few differentiated writing prompts to go along with these fun little crafts we're using this week! Just click either picture to head over to my TpT shop! Please make sure you share the love and leave feedback on this FREEBIE! :)

Before you go...
because this post just ISN'T long enough already..
I listed a few more Word Family and Phonics packs in case you're in need of something fun for the end of the year!!

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