Saturday, May 31, 2014

Five for Friday!
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1. This week we FINALLY finished our Animal Research Reports!!!!
I LOVE completing these projects with the kids each year, but WHEW-I'm glad when they're finished.
 Next week we'll be sharing our animal reports during our end of the year celebration with parents. I finished tying the ribbon on each report today, so they are completely set to go.
2. We also learned more about Memorial Day on Tuesday and created these super adorable soldier crafts! 
 3. Are you in need of a memory book to capture those special moments from throughout the year?
You're in luck!! I just so happened to have posted this FREEBIE for you! :)
We have 3 days left, so we're having fun with these on Monday!
(not a K teacher? No worries- I included other covers, too!)
 4. Who DOESN'T love freshly picked flowers from a beautiful 6 year old?
This was a wonderful way to start the day! :)
5. Really.
I do.
Summer is SCREAMING my name!!

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