Monday, May 19, 2014

Peek at my Week, FREEBIES and a Field Trip!

Thanks for stopping to check out a Peek at my Week! Click below to head over to my Google Docs and grab a closer look!
 It's the time of year where we are all assessing like crazy!
I'm hoping to finish all of my assessments this week so that we can focus on just having fun the rest of the year!
Our week this week includes my birthday (more on that celebration later!), our field trip, a carnival, and a few parent conferences.
For Math this week, we're working on decomposing and composing numbers to 20.
Monday we're using plain, iced, and chocolate Animal Crackers and these little work mats below!
Click the pictures to grab a free copy, there are several options included!
 I also included animal crackers and number cards if you'd prefer to not use edible animal crackers.

We're also hard at work on our Final Drafts of our Animal Research Reports! I'm hoping to have these finished by Friday so we can begin our presentation preparations next week! Click below to see a closer look at our research reports!

We're also using these freebies I posted about on Friday! Click below to head over to Friday's post and snag a copy! I think the kiddos are going to love using craft items to make themselves with animal hair and teeth!

I mentioned earlier that my birthday is tomorrow!
This year I'm doing something a little different for my birthday and I'm totally excited about it!
I will be 29, so I'll be doing 29 random acts of kindness this week!
Make sure you follow me on Bloglovin' and on Facebook (click the social media buttons at the top right corner) because I'll be GIVING AWAY tons of goodies and gift cards this week!

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