Friday, May 2, 2014

Five for Friday!
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1. While working with a small group, I scanned the room and saw this little reader totally engaged in his book! Daily 5 ROCKS!

 Have you heard of this site?
I've talked about it before, and it's all the craze in bloggy world.
While doing one of the walking activities, the kids walk on their tiptoes.
"Tiptoes" was taken to a whole new level.
A WHOLE new level.

3. You've heard it a thousand times, you know with your own classroom,
THEY rock.
I got an email yesterday that my class is one of the top performing classes in the REGION.
WOW! I can't wait to tell them AGAIN that they are GENUISES!

4. This one doesn't have a picture... but is a random quote from the week.
At the beginning of the year, the kids all give statements instead of asking questions.
At this point in the year, they are MASTERS at asking and answering questions.
During a lesson, one of my little ones raised their hand.
 He KNEW it had to be a question, not a share or statement.
He got creative.
I called on him, and this was his "question".
"When you were a kid and in Kindergarten, did you ever go to a restaurant and see someone you went to preschool with? Because I did yesterday.'
How hilarious was that?
He turned his story around to make a question!
5. Of course, I'm a mommy first, then a teacher, then a blogger.
I just can't go through a week without sharing something about my little guy.
Yesterday morning while I was getting ready upstairs, Jace was downstairs and yelled up, "Momma!"
"Momma, down!"
So I came downstairs and he said, "Hudg" (hug) and "Nose" (kiss).
Then he handed me his car and said, "Tank tou" (thank you).
I thought I was sneaky when I set it down, but when I went to grab my bag before leaving, I saw he snuck it in there! :)
I loved having his car with me all day!


  1. Congrats on having such a great class! That's awesome!
    :) Dana
    Common to the Core

    1. Thanks, Dana! I'm your newest follower! Loved your Five for Friday this week! :)