Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Peek at my Week/Peek into Animal Research Reports

I'm starting to think my theme for the next few weeks will be...
Yeah, I know.
This post is coming late.
The end of the year is always a crazy time, don't you think?
I feel this internal struggle of, "It's the END OF THE YEAR!!" and "We still have a month left!"
On one hand, it's the end.
On the other, there's o much left to do!
This week we are SAT10 testing, so it's not a very interesting peek into my plans! If you'd like, you can click below to grab a Google Docs copy!
Here's a little peek into our Mother's Day craft from last week.
These were SUPER adorable!


Who DOESN'T love a sale?
While I was looking around the Scholastic Book Clubs website, I came across this Animal Habitat matching game on clearance for $2!!
It was such a hit and fit perfectly into our animal study! 

We've been hard a work on our Animal Research Reports!
Each group began with a KWL chart. From here, we browse non-fiction texts and the little readers from my Animal Research Unit to find information on a specific topic we are researching.
Next, we highlight information we find and write the information into our research journals.

 They are having a BLAST with their projects and are so engaged! If you'd like more information on these reports you can click here to check them out!
 I've also added the -op Word Family pack!
And finally...
Thank you to Bonnie J. for your sweet feedback on my Sight Word Hats!
Feedback left on items is HUGE to me! It keeps me motivated and inspired!
Thank you!

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