Saturday, May 17, 2014

Five for Friday and a Freebie!!
Happy WEEKEND!! Click above to check out other 5 for Friday postings!
This is short and sweet- my 5 random things from this week followed by a freebie!
I'm off to participate in the Susan Komen Race for the Cure this morning with my momma and my little man!
1. We finished our problem solving superstars unit!
I can not say enough about this incredible unit!
My kids truly are problem solving superstars!
I'll blog more about the details of this craftivity in tonight's wrap-up post! 
2. Tie dye!
We tie-dyed our Zoo Trip shirts for next week's field trip to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium!
This was an interesting experience I'll blog more about in this week's Wrap-up post later today!

3. Zoo cinch bags!
We made our bags for our upcoming Zoo trip next week!
Each bag has the child's name and handprint on the bag.
 The "zebra" (yeah, that's what I'm calling it! haha!) has color-coded stripes according to the group they'll be walking around with at the zoo!
4. This was my view on my drive home yesterday! Beautiful sky to start the weekend!!
And before you ask, yes. I was stopped in traffic and not actually moving. :)
5. Will I Am- What I am!
I LOVE this song! We've been singing it in my Kindergarten class for several years, and the kids LOVE this song, too! It would be an awesome song to add to any end of the year activities or slideshows you have! :)

 And a FREEBIE!!
We've been all about animals for several weeks now.
Next week we'll be reading these two adorable books by Sandra Markle, so I whipped up this little freebie for you!
I'm going to have various craft items at the tables and the kids are going to draw themselves and use the crafts items to make their animal hair or teeth!
Click the picture to head over to my Google Docs and snatch a copy!

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