Monday, May 26, 2014

Top Ten SWEET SUMMA' Time Things!
I'm linking up with the fabulous Mrs. Jump to bring you my list of 10 things I want to do this summer!
Of course, I have a gazillion things on my school "to-do" list.. but I added a few on here! :)
1. spend time OUTside soaking up the sweet summa' time sunshine!
 We'll be doing LOTS of playing outside!
2. This goes without saying- spending as much quality time with my handsome little man as possible!! I just can't seem to get enough time with him :)
We're hoping to take our first family vacation this summer!!
(I'm secretly hoping for it to involve some sort of beach or ocean)

4. DAB it up!
I've had this on my to-do list all year, but I'm going to create sets for each word list (K-2 at least) and then create a bundle pack. I'm thinking I may even create a few fluency phrase packs!

 5. Fairy Tale Bundle!
I'll be adding my update to The Little Red Hen and then bundling each set I already have in my TpT shop!

6. Word Family and Phonics Packs-
I'd like to have at least 20 of each finished and ready to bundle by the end of the summer!
Currently I have 14 Word Family and 12 Phonics packs posted.
I also have plans to bundle my Word Family games!
7. Guided Reading- I have a set that I've created and have been using for years, but since I opened my shop in the fall I haven't gotten around to posting it yet, but it WILL happen this summer!
 8. Another product that I used but didn't get to finish for TpT- a superhero ELA unit.
This will definitely be fun when it's posted!
9. Parent/Volunteer gifts- I'd like to create and bundle gift ideas and tags as a huge FREEBIE this summer! They will be similar to this one available in my TpT shop listed now as a freebie.
 10. BUNDLES! I think my theme for the school portion of my list so far has been bundles!
This summer I will also be bundling my How-to writing packs, center packs, and finishing my monthly journals to bundle!

There are SOOOOO many things on my list I didn't include here.. reading, starting a work out regimen, spending time with family.... I can't WAIT to get started!!

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