Saturday, August 30, 2014

Peek at my Week 9/1

I'm linking up with Mrs. Wills for a Peek at my Week!
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 We're heading into Week 2 of second grade this year!
If you're a follower, you'll notice my plans are looking a little more like "normal" this week.
You can see below that we are going to start adjusting into our new routines and have added MUCH more curriculum this week.
We're starting our Math curriculum, weekly poems, our very first mentor text, math centers, and math journals.
Pray for us!
Hahaha... I kid, I kid.
But really, say a little prayer! ;)
You'll notice I don't have the Daily 5 blocks filled in completely yet. This is because the D5 is so flexible during the first few weeks. It really just depends on how the kids are building their stamina with each practice session.
On Friday, we ended the week with our last Read to Self session at 11 minutes of stamina!
*Hopefully* we can continue this after the long weekend and be able to add in Work on Writing this week. I'll update these portions on my plans as the week progresses.
I'm hoping to finish sight word assessments and running records this week because we have NWEA testing the following week.
did I mention to say a prayer for me yet?
Our spelling curriculum and sight words will also begin the following week, so this week we are doing a much needed review of vowel sounds.
I noticed during calendar last week most of my 2nd graders were also struggling with the months of the year, so we'll be working on those during that time as well.
(*click here or any picture below to download)
 We're working with our first mentor text, Horrible Harry in Room 2B.
The poster below will be our essential question that will be posted on our reading focus wall.  
You can grab this essential question with my lesson plans.
 Here are three vocabulary word cards that we'll be using during our first chapter in our Go Math program. I created this to follow the model of word, definition, example. I'll print these on colored paper and laminate.
These are also included with the download of my lesson plans.
 Our Math journals are part of our morning work each day.
You can grab this week's prompts in my lesson plan download.
I just have the students glue them into their notebooks, solve, and respond.
Here are a few of the resources we'll be using this week!

We'll also be using this flip flap book, these genre posters, finishing working with this Let's Get Started math pack, and I'm using homework from here in addition to the homework from our Math curriculum and nightly reading and spelling (once we get to spelling!). 

Whew! The first Peek at my Week for this school year is a wrap!
What's on your plate for next week?

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