Thursday, August 7, 2014

August/September Writing Center MEGA pack and a few classroom Made-its!

How in the WORLD is it August 7th ALREADY?!
My goal is to finish my classroom tomorrow and have a reveal ready to post this weekend!
Here are a few peeks at some "Monday Made-its" and classroom updates that haven't been making it on my blog in the last few weeks.
(I apologize for the phone pics in advance)
Top left- birthday pencils in a jar (finally!)
Top right- A peek at part of my writing center
Bottom left- my magnetic chalkboard rotations board (purchased from Jo Anns and painted)
Bottom right- my flowers from a Monday Made-it earlier this summer and a new picture frame (bought from Michaels and painted)
Top left- new picture frames (bought from Michaels and painted)
Right- Hall passes
Bottom left- my min-chalkboard easels (purchased from Michaels and painted)
 Book bin labels (purchased from Michaels and painted)

I'm so excited to have my August/September Writing Center MEGA pack ready and printed!
Here's a look at this new item!

This resource is packed FULL of plenty of authentic writing activities to keep your kiddos engaged while writing.
I included all 4 types of writing as well as a CCSS on almost every writing choice in this pack.
Click here to check it out! 
For now, we're off to work on a few more projects and soak up some summer time sun!

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  1. I've been over to Michael's doing a little damage, too. The crafter in me comes out as soon as I walk in the door. Have a cute idea to use with new words... and if it gets done at all, it's gonna be an eleventh hour project! Thanks for sharing Kacie! Kathleen
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