Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Teacher Week 2014- Where do I teach?

Today is all about WHERE I teach!
If you've been following me this summer, you know that I'm switching districts and grade levels this year.
My family and I are beyond thrilled that we're moving back "home" and I am returning to my home school to teach!
I'll be teaching 2nd grade in the school district I grew up in- YEAH!

I already posted my classroom reveal, (with more organizational pictures here) but I did have a request to take a close-up of one of my carts that I covered and a few things have changed already!
This is one of the rainbow carts, I just used duct tape from the Dollar Store to cover it.
 I simply unscrewed the handles (super easy!), covered the front and sides with duct tape, and then pushed the screw from the handle through the duct tape.
Here's what it looks like up close and personal!
That pesky :05 is fixed!
I put my sit spots down for our whole group time.
I'm SO excited for these!! So much more practical than a huge classroom rug, and I love that I'm able to wash these whenever I want!
I added another shelf in this corner (don't ya just love yard sale steals!?) for my listen to reading area.
Although each one of my kiddos will have their very own Chrome book, I still think it's important for them to interact and listen to fluent reading while holding an actual BOOK.
Call me old school!
 I *think* I forgot to post my warm fuzzies on my door, but I'm just now realizing I never posted pictures of the outside of my classroom!
Another day!
And I changed my seating arrangement a little bit. Right now, I have 5 extra desks and chairs in my room, so I have some empty spaces. I learned a little more about a few of my incoming kiddos and decided I could do with having a few table groups of 3 instead of 4 or 5 to benefit their anticipated needs.
I'm all set for Open House on Thursday, and I'll post about what's on the desks tomorrow!
Tomorrow I'll also be posting all about what's inside of my cabinets and how I organize my files.
Until then, head HERE to check out my classroom reveal post!
I've been overwhelmed with the sweet comments about my classroom, it warms my heart, thank you!
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