Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What we're up to Wednesday! Freebie? Yes, please!

It's been a WEEK already, I tell you!
a WEEK I said!
The kids have been amazing and are surprising me each day with how far they have come since the beginning of the year! I love this part of the year because it seems as if their light bulbs are lighting up the whole room!
 Our -ip word family study is well under way this week! We sorted our picture cards, wrote the -ip word family words, and completed an independent sort as well!
(click on the picture to check this unit out)

We are also dancing our way through this HUGE -ow pack! They are spotting the -ow left and right this week! Brainstorming a list of words containing BOTH ow sounds on Monday was something different and the kids did an excellent job thinking of words!
(Yes, I know Mohawk does not have ow, HOWEVER, this little sweetie thought of the word mow, and then begged to add the hawk at the end) You can't see it in the pic, but the correct spelling is off to the right. She just said we HAD to keep it on the chart to remember the ow in mow. Gotta love their logic! Haha!)
We are also working with Silent, Magic E! This unit is adorable and the kids just ADORE the song!
In Math this week, we are continuing our problem solving superstars unit by working with our small group to solve problems! We are not completing these whole group, I am simply reading the problem and the students are using a different strategy each day to solve a problem. This little poster shows when we are reviewing their answers. Each table has their own strategy for the day, so when they are finished they present their answer to the class and we add it to the chart. 
Our main theme this week for Science and Reader's and Writer's Workshop is Earth Day!
I also love this point in the year because they really know HOW to ask thoughtful questions and have the ability to recognize their background knowledge.
I did get a good chuckle with our vocabulary this week! When we discussed recycling yesterday, one of my little sweeties was giving the "hi" wave.
You know the one.
The, I'm really raising my hand but I'm so excited you can't tell if I'm about to pee my pants or I really just know the answer, wave.
Yeah, that one!
Normally, I never call on the "hi" wave.
Normally, I wave hello in return.
However, this little one RARELY raises his hand.
When I call on him anyway, he always says, "But, but, but, I didn't raise my hand."
I know sweetheart, but what was my question?
(Again, I love this time of year- we skip all that now! He just answers.)
Yesterday he raised his hand.
I called upon him for the definition of recycling.
He proceeded to give a very intricate definition of recycling that involved his mom going to the barber shop and getting new a new weave.
Real life connections. 
I had to refrain from laughing.
It was HARD!
Ahhh... the stories we hear!

Each day we are using a mini-book from a set I bought from scholastic a few years ago to perform a close read about the subject.
We are also using posters from my set (click on the picture) and writing about ways we can help the environment.
Today I had my final OTES observation of the year, and we just so happened to be working with water pollution and saving water. I brought in buckets and filled them with pollutants such as plastic bottles, sand, powdered sugar, olive oil, water beads (floral section), moss (floral section), cardboard, paper, metal (just tabs and twist ties). After watching and interacting with a short video clip, we tried to rid the water of pollution by using utensils and strainers to clean the water.

They had a BLAST.
Nailed it!
Sizzle sold.

We discovered that we were unable to rid the water of pollution.

After trying to rid the water of pollution, we had a discussion using our five senses to conclude that we could not clean the water.
We then watched a short video clip to reinforce the learning.
Next, we completed a little recording sheet...
AND.. guess WHAT?
You get it fo' free!
fo' free I said!
Just click below and it's YOURS!
Graphics from Creative Clips, Graphics from the Pond, and KG Fonts
All of my Earth Day products can be found here!

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