Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring Fever!

Ok, ok. I know. It's Tuesday and I'm JUST NOW posting! But hey, gimme a break! I decided to take a few days and do NOTHING but spend time with my little man! This was my inspiration:

So, that's what I've been doing!
And, let's be real.
When Ohio weather grants you 50+ degree weather,
So I found this sweet little glider at Meijer for $7. It was totally worth it! Jace LOVES Batman and this thing can actually fly pretty high for a glider!

He loves Batman so much, he shares his breakfast with him... ;) We RARELY go out to eat, so I enjoyed taking him to Bob Evans for breakfast!

 We also ride his car. Every day. He rode it so much on Sunday, the battery died. Crisis mode! See his Unhappy face?! Well.... nothing a little rope won't fix! Hahaha.
Yeah, this happened. I'm sure we looked a little crazy. But he was happy!

I DO have a few newbies to share...
April calendar number cards... I LOVE these! :)
April journals are coming this week!


Jam-packed with my kiddos favorties, as usual!


We completed our Three Little Pigs study of sequencing, retelling key elements, identifying the author and illustrator and their roles, and comparing and contrasting our hearts out!

One of our favorite stories was read to us by a Guest Reader! One of my friends is a brown belt and I just knew she HAD to be the one to read The Three Ninja Pigs!

They LOVED it! They also enjoyed practicing their own ninja moves! :)

 We, of course, practiced our new sight words for the week... one of their favorite activities are these sight word hats!

We also worked our tails off during Math stations and the Daily 5!
We finished the week with our 3rd Quarter Pride assembly! One of my little's even won the Character Poster contest for Kindergarten!

I'll be back some time this week with Goldilocks and the Three Bears unit, April journals, a few more Phonics and Word Family packs, and HOPEFULLY my animal research projects and some sight word dabbers!
I'm also taking my test on Thursday to finish up my reading endorsement! So, I'm throwing in some studying and a 4 hour test in there, too!
WHEW! I have big dreams there!

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