Sunday, April 6, 2014

Peek at My Week- Goldilocks and the Three Bears!
Here's a Peek at our Week! Make sure you click the link above and check out other awesome weeks in store from other teacher-bloggers!
As always, click below to head over to my google docs a take a closer peek at my plans!
In ELA this week, we are continuing our Fairy Tale Fun with Goldilocks and the Three Bears! You can check out my unit on TpT by clicking any of the pictures below!
We are also working with the -am Word Family and the -ph Hunk and Chunk!

 Here are some of the versions we will be reading this week to Compare and Contrast story elements and characters!

 In Math we are beginning a HUGE unit on addition and subtraction word problems. We are using this resource from Natalie's Nook!
 Here are a few other resources we'll be using this week!
Before you go- I have a little freebie for you!
Mr. Greg at Smedley's Smorgasbord of Kindergarten created and shared an awesome chart he uses each day to have his kiddos practice their blends. We project the document onto the board and the kids recite the letters, word, and blend. Ever since he posted about this, we have been using his chart to practice! Well, my kiddos needed a little extra help with a few more blends and some of the major vowel team graphemes, so I whipped up a few charts that we can also use to practice those as well. I will post later in the week and show you how it goes! Just click below to grab the color and black and white versions for free!
Thanks for stopping and have a great week everyone!

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