Tuesday, April 8, 2014

3 words.... Corey.Rosen.Schwartz.

3 words...
Seriously. OHMYGOSH. I have been so distracted and BLOWN AWAY tonight!
This post will be super short, but I just HAVE to share some AMAZING news!
After leaving work today, I did my normal routine. I picked up my little man, went to the store, came home, put our bags and "stuff" from the day away, and made dinner. While the hubs was giving the little man a bath, I hopped on to check my email.
And that's when it happened.
There I was, minding my own business, checking my email, pulling trucks out of my computer bag (because, that's where they belong when you have a 20 month old little boy, ya know!) when IT HAPPENED.
My email said, "Corey Schwartz commented on your blog."
So I immediately thought... no, not THAT Corey Schwartz.
Certainly not the uber-famous-we-just-read-your-book-last-week-and-the-kids-keep-asking-for-more-of-the-ninja-lady-Corey-Schwartz.
It was THE Corey Rosen Schwartz!!
Emailing ME!
Holy cow... my hubby thought the sky was falling I was making such a ruckus downstairs!  
Do you KNOW what she SAID?!
No? Well, I'll tell you!
SHE wants to give MY KIDS Ninja stickers and bookmarks!!
How amazing is THAT?!
To top it off, I told her we were going to study Little Red Riding Hood next week and she JUST SO HAPPENS to have a book coming out in JULY that she said she would EMAIL ME A COPY OF so I could read it with the kids next week!
The kids are going to FREAK OUT!
Heck, I'm freaking out!!
We already read her awesome book

that you may remember me posting about last week.
These books are AMAZING!
You simply HAVE to read them with your kiddos!
This week we are reading
GO!! Go NOW!! Check these OUT!!!!! :)

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