Saturday, April 26, 2014

Five for Friday/Saturday!
Happy Saturday!! Click above to head over to Doodle Bug's linky and check some amazingly fun weeks!
1. This was how my week started!
I was famished on Monday.
By the time lunch came around I was ready to eat a whole cow.
It wasn't until dismissal that I realized why.
There sat my breakfast.
Unopened and lonely.
Monday mornings.
MONDAY mornings.
One of my little sweeties asked if I was going to EAT my yogurt.
Ummm... no. :)
2. VERY exciting news!
 I passed both of my Reading Endorsement tests!
Now I just have to pay to add the endorsement to my license.
For the second time in 4 years.

3. We wrapped up our Earth Day week with recycling!
I have to say, this was the perfect week to get the kiddos back into the "non-fiction" mode after weeks of Fairy Tales!
They adored all of the hands on activities from the week. You can check out more in Wednesday's post here.

4. I took my little guy back to Build-a-Bear to get his bear "Punkie" put back together today. (He had a most unfortunate run in with a sippy cup, so he had to take a bath.) Jace was so excited he didn't let him go all day!
This was the moment they were reunited.
So adorable.

5. Newbies! Next week we are working with the -est Word Family and the -oa Hunk and Chunk! Click below to check these out.

I'm hard at work on Non-fiction Notebooks for our Reader's Workshop and an Animal Notebook  for our Writer's Workshop next week! I'll have them posted tomorrow with a Peek at my Week!



  1. Love the vowel pair activities! My kiddos can definitely put that to use :) Your little guy is adorable too!

    Munchkins Inc

    1. Thanks so much, Emily!
      I'm your newest Bloglovin' follower!

  2. Ohio and their silly rules! I have to take the endorsement tests too because my first endorsement didn't count. I'm glad you passed!

    1. Thank you! That was my problem as well, I received my first reading endorsement in 2010, but it did not qualify under the new legislation. It's a good thing I like to continue my education! ;) Good luck on your tests!