Thursday, January 9, 2014

Snowmen Studies!

Although this has been a short week so far (2 days! What?! Tomorrow's already FRIDAY!) we have had a blast reading the "Snowmen at Night" series of books by Caralyn Buehner. We started with the text Snowmen at Night.
My kids just love all of the fabulous illustrations and the imaginative world of what snowmen do at night! We used my Snowmen Studies unit to create a tree map of snowmen, and compare and contrast the text to Snowmen at Work! This book really got their little wheels turning, imagining snowmen as dentists, construction workers, and teachers! We have also read Snowmen at Christmas and The Snowmen: Pop up book. These books are so valuable for using expression while reading, as well as for the use of adjectives! We have been working on adding adjectives to our writing to make it more interesting for the reader. I could not be prouder of this little guy's progress. When he came to me in the fall, he only new a few letters! Now, look at his writing! Even omitting the words "drives a", I am very impressed with his spelling of a "simi". How adorable is his snowman semi-truck driver?!

This is from one of my babies who is working on writing every sound in one word. I was impressed when he wrote ice cream!

 This little friend is working on writing a complete sentence. She wrote, "At night my snowman wac (race)"
This little's snowman picks flowers! :)

These two were hard at work labeling their snowmen during work with words today!

Both of these activities and more can be found in my Snowmen Studies unit!

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