Saturday, January 18, 2014

Our Penguin Palooza Week!

This week was by far one of my students' favorite weeks of Kindergarten! It is so rewarding and exciting to know that activities you have spent so hard to gather, plan, prepare, and implement have turned into special moments for your students! We started our week on Monday with our whole class KWL chart and student KWL recording sheets. We added to these throughout the week. 

On Monday, we read the non-fiction text below after beginning our KWL charts. We used this information along with our prior knowledge to create a Penguins tree map and write facts about our penguins!

We also introduced our new poem for the week! On Monday we read and discuss our poems. On Tuesday, we read our poem and the students get their own copy for their poetry notebooks, where they circle our W.O.W. words and illustrate the poem. We read our poem and complete a word sort with our poem on Wednesday. Thursday we have an emergent reader for the poem. Fridays we read our poem and complete a sound sort with our poem.

Tuesday we read the story Pierre the Penguin, based on the true story of Pierre!
This story captures the hearts of my students every year! The best part about the story is being able to watch Pierre and his friends LIVE online! My students were BEGGING to watch Pierre all the time! They especially loved when the biologists came in and fed the penguins.
We used various texts throughout the week to create story webs, analyze story elements, and label penguin parts!

We finished our week reading other fiction and non-fiction texts about penguins. We compared and contrasted the elements of both kinds of texts and what we learned about fiction and non-fiction penguins.
On Friday, we created two penguin crafts. One was a "fiction" penguin, and the other was a "non-fiction" penguin, and we wrote about both of them!


 During writing this week, we worked on our sentence structure, as well as creating a non-fiction penguin report. I forgot to snap pictures of our completed reports, so I included an example of the report sheets.

As a quick assessment for my kiddos, I used this fiction and non-fiction cut and paste sort for my K kiddos. In my unit, there is a higher level comprehension passage and quiz for other grades :)

In Math, we continued our studies of subtraction from 0-5 using penguin story problems and counters! We also used stickers to solve subtraction story problems.

All of our resources this week can be found in my Penguin Palooza Unit!!

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