Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Whew!! People, I'm telling you... these past two days have felt like two weeks! I know it can't just be my kiddos that have seemed to have lost their beautiful little minds this week, so I took comfort in this picture I saw online!

I will have more of our America celebrations from this week tomorrow, but for now I wanted to share a few FREEBIES with you! First is a Polar Express FREEBIE! (just click the pictures!)

 This little freebie includes the tags you see below. I purchase silver bells (I got mine for $2 at Meijer this year!)and hole punch and tie this tag to the bell. Included, but not pictured here, are tickets to "board" the Polar Express. I use these tickets as an incentive for the students to watch the movie!
 The second freebie I have for you is this Christmas Magazine Hunt! My kids love these and they are such an easy and fun way to quickly differentiate. My higher kiddos hunt for words with the same letter at the end of a word, my on track students find words that start with the same letter, and my students who are not on track find letters to cut out of magazines and glue on their sheet. (Just click the pictures!)


I just LOVE this elf one! :)

Please leave feedback on these FREE items! It helps me stay inspired to keep creating and handing out freebies to you!

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