Monday, December 16, 2013

Mystery Reader and our travels continued!

Friday is our "Mystery Reader" day! The kids love our Mystery Reader program and become so excited when I read the 5 clues about our Mystery Reader. Of course, about half of the kids raise their hand thinking it's their family member :).

I have parents, families and faculty sign up to be our Mystery Reader during Open House and throughout the year. Unless it is absolutely not possible, we typically have our Mystery Reader come on Fridays. The Monday before our Mystery Reader is scheduled to arrive I send home a letter with the student (in a sealed envelope!) where the Mystery Reader writes 5 clues about themselves. I read the clues to the students about 5 minutes before the Mystery Reader is scheduled to arrive. I allow the Mystery Reader to bring their own book or I can provide a book for them. I have also had students be the Mystery Reader! After our Mystery Reader has gone, I have the kids sign a Thank You card and send it home. You can find all of this in my Mystery Reader pack here.

We also travelled to Greenland on Friday!

These little Santa's turned out so adorable! Check back for our study of Kwanzaa and Christmas in America this week!!

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