Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Our suitcases are packed!

Yesterday was our first day back from our Thanksgiving Break- 6 days off and I will was little nervous how the kiddos would do! They were AMAZING! We had a wonderful first day back. The kids were so excited to learn that we were going to be travelling around the world over the next 9 days.
We are using this unit from Rachelle over at What the Teacher Wants.
We started off decorating our suitcases yesterday. The sheet is from the Holidays Around the World (HATW) pack. I just took a large piece of construction paper, folded it in half and stapled up the sides. The kids colored and glue their sheet on. I was very impressed with how well they managed to glue their cover on with zero help from me! The first year I did this unit, I added the handles to the suitcases right away... they didn't last. Now, I add the handles to their suitcase on the last day when they take their suitcases home.
Next, we started our journey in the Netherlands by viewing a few of the websites listed in the unit. Then, we began our book by decorating our cover (I forgot to take a picture!) and completing the Netherlands page whole group.
While the students were working on their craft for today (will post a picture later in the week when Sinter Klaas comes!) We completed the first page in our passports and I stamped their passport. The kids thought this was absolutely hilarious that a passport is a real thing that we use to travel around the world. They were excited when they got their own passport and their very first stamp!

I will keep updating you as our adventure continues! I'm still working on finalizing and uploading the ELA centers, but my kids loved my HATW Math centers yesterday!
These are still 15% off today!

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