Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Awesome finds and updated behavior calendars!

Ahh.... don't you just love being able to pin, Google, blog-stalk, and browse while on summer break?! I know I sure do! Some of my bloggy friends and teacher friends have already started back, or are starting back this week- I have been there and I feel for you! I hope you all have a wonderful start to a fresh new year! I have to admit.. I'm getting a little excited to finish unpacking my room and decorating.. and who doesn't love the smell of a freshly opened box of crayons? I just love seeing all of those pointy, bright, fresh colors!

Anyways... I have a few deals/ finds that I MUST share with you!!

Have you heard of Books by the Foot? Well, you're about to!

Each large Books by the Foot box is stuffed with 150+/-* children's books in good to new condition. Mostly softcovers with some thin hardcovers, these kids books range from toddler to young adult. Less than 9¢* per book, they make great donations to schools/libraries/crisis centers/etc or great inventory for brick & mortar stores, street vendors, flea markets, and some online sellers. They can also be used as instant school libraries, interior decorating, window dressings, AND MORE!

PEOPLE, you can get 150+ books for 12.99!!!!!!!! Coming from two schools where a classroom or school library does not exist, I was so excited when I found this site through another teacher! Click below to go to check it out:

(I have not been paid by nor am I affiliated with Books by the Foot.. I just couldn't keep this to myself!)

Also, have you seen this current steal on Amazon??

I, like most of you, are a laminating FOOL during the school year... and I have a TON of things to laminate before the new school year! I will definitely be grabbing a few of these!

Ok, so down to a few new creations and a behavior request from a teacher friend! I will be posting more about my behavior management system as the year gets closer, but for now.. here are a few new goodies in my TpT shop!

These are already set with the dates for the 2013-2014 school year! All you will need to do is click in the box at the bottom and insert your color system or other notes to parents! I have my students color the date box whatever color they ended on that day. For example, if a student was on green at the end of the say on the 6th, they would color the rectangle 6th box green. You could then have parents initial in the box nightly, or at the end of the week. The great thing about this document is that you can EDIT the bottom! Just click on either picture about to take you to my TpT listing, or you can click here!
The next newest creation in my shop are these classroom behavior forms!

Classroom Behavior Forms!

I use these "Good Go Home Notes" every day! I do my best to make sure each student receives at least 1 Good note every week. I use these as a quick communication with parents to build a positive relationship with them. I use these notes to write notes about academic or behavioral gains, down to kind manners and respect for others! The _____ Color Card/ Clip notes are for when a student makes poor choices throughout the day. This is a way for me to communicate with parents what color the student ended on and what actions led to them flipping their card/clip. The last form is an "Action Reflection" where students would take a break to reflect on their behavior when needed. Each one of these forms also includes a teacher recording sheet for documentation- just in case a note doesn't get signed and returned ;) Check out the freebie in the preview here! Don't forget to leave me some love by reviewing this product and following me on Tpt! Thanks, friends! :)
When do you start back to school? If you haven't started back yet, what project do you want to finish before the year starts?


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