Saturday, July 27, 2013

Because I have to... :)

Wow! I can't believe it's been over a week since I posted! For all of you that have been checking in on me, don't worry- I have a few freebies for you later in the post!

So, the title of this post? What's up with that?! Well... because I have to..

I have to shout to the world that TODAY is my son's VERY FIRST birthday!!!!

Here is a picture of how the birthday boy woke up... complete in his Dr. Seuss p.j.'s!

Hugging his birthday balloons and saying "awwwww" :)

After playing with all of the balloons and streamers, he enjoyed his first birthday breakfast, French toast! Here is our little sweetheart eating his breakfast...

Jace doing a little light reading on his birthday :)

After playing and running a few errands for his party tomorrow, we stopped by his cousin's birthday party (they share the same birthday!) and then went to pick up Grammie from the airport! My mom is a rockin' Independent Sales Director with Mary Kay, and she had her yearly trip to Dallas for Seminar this week! Jace had so much fun picking her up and then going to Build-a-Bear afterwards!

Grampie (my dad), Grammie (my mom), Jace, and his new friend Punkie! Aren't their matching sunglasses too cute?!

We did have one MAJOR minor birthday "boo-boo". Jace was playing and hit his head pretty hard on the edge of the coffee table! I think getting his new friend Punkie made him forget all about it though! :)

So, if you have stayed with me through this whole post- you will be rewarded, I promise! :)

Click here for a great freebie for parents this fall! and click here for another great freebie for students! I used the "crazy kool" summer labels for my kinders last year, but I'm using it for my tutoring kiddos this summer! I also used the "S'more parents" label last year, and I will be using it again this fall! I love sending home at least one little token of appreciate to all of my parents each quarter. Just a little something small to help them know they are appreciated!

I hope you can put these to great use! Check back on Monday for a TON of Monday made it's from my son's birthday party tomorrow! Also, I will be posting an EXCELLENT behavior freebie per a request from a wonderful teacher friend of mine!

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