Thursday, August 8, 2013

Classroom "before" pictures!

It's that time of year again! Moving everything back into my classroom and unpacking/decorating/organizing! Although it is a pain to have to move everything out each year, I have to admit I love organizing and decorating my classroom! :) I thought I would share some "before" pictures with you!

When you walk into my room, this is directly ahead! In this little nook are a few storage cabinets and a sink! (See that ginormous teacher desk in there?! Yeah, it's already gone!) There are the misc. math manipulatives and teacher easel provided by my school.

This is to the right of the sink.. the open door is the restroom (yay! I have a bathroom this year! Blessing and a curse, I know!) Those are the 3 student computers on the table.

 You can see the bathroom door on the left, so this is a continuation around the room. These are the class hooks (prior to managing a small miracle of getting another row of hooks moved!)
 Around to the classroom door... I forgot to take a picture that shows the front of the room with the whiteboards! Oops! :) Those have boxes and other things stacked in front, so I will have to show that area to you when it's finished!

This is my little helper, he loves pushing things around! These easels are pretty heavy- and he pushed it all by himself from my old room to my new room!
 Last week, I had told you I would share more about the Dr. Seuss wall art I made for $1.25 each... so here you go!  

First, I bought 4 reusable tote bags from the Target Dollar Spot for $1, as well as the foam presentation/poster board from the Dollar Tree for $1.

Next, I cut the reusable tote bag along the seem and cut off the handles. After cutting the bag in half, I laid the bag onto the board. Once I had measured, I cut 4 pieces out of the board- I still have some board left over!!

Finally, I pulled the bag tight, and wrapped the board like a present. I taped the edges onto the back first, and then I went back with my hot glue gun to secure everything in place. The final touch was to add a small loop of ribbon to the back for hanging! Viola! Dr. Seuss wall art for $1.25 each! :)
Have you moved back into your classroom yet? What projects are you working on?

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