Monday, August 12, 2013

Meet the Teacher!

This week is Teacher Week at Blog Hoppin', so I'm linking up each day this week! Be sure to keep checking back :)

Today is Meet the Teacher! Read on to find out 10  things all about ME!

1. God is GOOD. ALL. THE. TIME. I am so profoundly blessed and grateful each and every day. It astonishes me how amazing life truly is- there are miracles in every day- we just have to be open to looking for them!

2. Ok.. ya' KNOW I had to have my little man next. Just HAD to! :) I have the sweetest, loving, happy little boy in the world! He can have fun doing anything. Seriously. He's my world! I can't believe he turned a year old a few weeks ago!


3. Of course, I can't leave out my hubby of almost 3 years! He tolerates understands my long work hours and doesn't mind the extra free time at night while I'm blogging and creating, I'm sure! So, here's a throwback from a little over a year ago when our little miracle was born!

4. Me + Dr. Pepper = LOVE. It's bad.. I know.. but... on days where it feels like the lovely little monsters crazy people kiddos will never leave or sit down or follow directions never end this wonderful day of learning... it's necessary! (Don't judge, you all KNOW you've had those days ;) )

5.  I'm a little obSEUSSed with Dr. you-know-who.. I can't help it! Some days I wonder why I love it so.. but I do! I feel like I can integrate Dr. Seuss into almost anything! He was an incredible writer! I have had an intense love of reading since I was a little girl- and I still do! I LOVE LOVE LOVE children's literature!

6. I love photography, art of any kind really. I actually began my education as an Art Ed major, but decided to change into Early Ed! I love looking at art, thinking about the artist and their point of view, and I LOVE photography!

7. I'm a crafter/scrap booker/hoarder of all things crafty/! Maybe it's the teacher in my blood... but I swear if I'm walking down the craft aisles at a store and something cute is on clearance.. I have to have it! TRUE STORY! It's a problem, really. Whenever I pass by my craft area (which is every day because it's in my closet!) they taunt me.... don't even get me started with Michael's or Jo Ann's.. it's bad people!

8.  BIN HOARDER ALERT! I completely, totally, 110% blame my love for storage containers of any kind on my mom! Totes, containers, bags, baskets, I don't discriminate! I walk past the storage aisles to get to the grocery and have "Squirrel!" moments! oohhhh... all the pretty colors....!!!!

9. One word: Edamame. TRY IT! "Hi, my name is Kacie, and I became addicted to edamame while pregnant and haven't stopped." It's delicious people!

10. Random: I have moved a total of 11 times in the past 10 years. Approaching move #12 next month! (Not including the 9 times I have had to pack up my entire classroom and move it in the past 4 years!) WHEW!

Tune in tomorrow for an update on my classroom digs!


  1. Oh Em Gee...Your little man is AdOraBle! It was fun getting to know you! Do you have a Google or Bloglovin' button? I would follow you! You should consider adding those widgets. :)

    Read With Me ABC

    1. Thank you Wendy! :) /thanks for the Google and Bloglovin' button suggestions! I will work on adding those ASAP! Loved checking out your blog, your bulletin board makeover was too cute!

  2. Your son is adorable! I'm a craft lover too. My latest craft supplier obsession is Etsy :)
    Over the 1st Grade Rainbow

    1. Thank you! I love Etsy also! :) I have been finding TONS of great finds on various party websites!