Friday, March 6, 2015

Five for Friday- pure randomness and a giveaway!!
This is my first Five for Friday in quite a long time... BUT I definitely hit the mark because this post is full of randomness!

I just love it when I'm working with a Book Club or Math group and look around to see the rest of my kids totally engaged! The kiddos were SO excited these past few weeks because we received new lap desks and a comfy new pillow as part of our alternative seating! One of my kiddos was so excited to show me a compound sentence she had been working on, while another was enjoying a few new work with word choices and writing her "fancy" words.
Another one of my kiddos created these pictures with his words and I was so impressed! I've had this as a word work choice for 5 years and have never had another student literally hide their words in the picture! Typically, the kids draw a picture using their words, or draw a picture and write their words super small in the picture. This was awesome!

With two of my Book Clubs this past week, both at complete opposite ends of the spectrum (one is a level N, the other is a level E), we had fun coming together and sharing about different types of animals. One group read a text about Dinosaurs and picked one of those dinosaurs to research and write a small report about. Another group read a text about surprising swimmers and each chose an animal to research and write about. They were so excited to then come together with another group at the end of the week to swap stories and discuss the different text features in their books!

Valentine's Day...
I never posted about our shenanigans!
While I won't go into all the details, I wanted to share our Hubie craftivity with you. The kids had SO much fun making Hubie on Valentine's Day. We wrote a story summary and wrote about how Hubie's point of view changed throughout the story.
We also played games, decorated Valentine boxes, passed out valentines, and had a dance party!

Our 100th day of school celebration was the previous day, so we were exhausted and thankful it was Friday!!
We popped balloons and completed the "100" activity inside, made groups of 10's to make 100 and groups of 100 to make 1,000, painted 100 dots, wrote 100 words, and completed 100 math facts!

Yesterday on my Facebook page I gave a copy of my March Writing Center Mega Pack away.
I'd like to give another copy away today here on my blog.
Just comment below with a resource you'd like to see created for Spring and I'll pick one winner tomorrow when I come back with a preview and a peek at our writing center!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hi Kacie, Just dropping by to see what's happening in second grade. Sounds like you're busy as always. Happy weekend! Kathleen
    Kidpeople Classroom

  2. I'd be interested in spring math centers with money and telling time! Bryce